Friday, September 5, 2008

Lalbaugcha Raja

Lalbaugcha Raja

Today we visited the 'Lalbaugcha Raja'. Since we were already late, we took a taxi to Lalbaug. Well surprises of all surprises, the blue sky in Sion turned to Grey in Dadar T.T. and it started pouring cats & dogs!

No sooner than we reached Hindmata then the traffic started to slow down
abysmally. In a span of 45 minutes the water was upto kneeline. And kids were frolicking in it. yuck! It was only when we got to Parel T.T. when the waters started to recede.

Hey when we reached the site of Lalbaugcha Raja we saw these huge elephants. But since it was raining & we had to leave the taxi, we didn't bother looking.

Proceeded to the line. Since this was my first time, i saw these shops lining the route on both flanks. And needless to say they all sell the same kinda items! :o

I wonder how they do business otherwise. or may be its just my naivety.

There on the left side is an entrance to the Lalbaug machhi bazaar. What a cat gathering was there. Cats of all kinda colours had assembled & were mockingly looking at us with interspersed looks of dispair cum indifference "oh these humans, pathetic!"

Beautiful but very cattish i must say... but then no prizes for guessing.

Anyways as we were slowly proceeding my anticipation was growing and

Alas it only culminated in a deflation when we found out we cant even get like 5 feet near Ganesh cause it isn't allowed. Oh well so i took to my heels, for the treasured shot.

attempt 1 : crisscrossing between people i landed this

attempt 2: oh well

attempt 3: damn it, keep ur head off!

strategy 2

round about turn, through the ropes and hurrah straight ahead

attempt 4: ok this might work

attempt 5: yes!!!

attempt 6: wow, glorious!

attempt 7: nice one as well

thanx to mom's cajoling

attempt 8: closer

attempt 9: right on...

So after duly visiting the cats we landed outside.

So our chance this time to admire the decor. And yeah rains stopped. "hurry quick"

La Door Magnifique!!!

Appropriately titled "BIG BIG BIG"


Haathi Mere Sathi... *love*

Next stop Wadala.