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Monday, December 15, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attack: Day 1

Even after getting up at 8.00 a.m. i was shocked to see in the news, the terror attack was still going on, still!

With hundreds trapped in the Taj, Oberoi and firing still on, a holiday was declared in Mumbai. With school and colleges declared as closed.

Since it was morning the news was clearer with 10 places in Mumbai being targetted leaving 101 dead.

It was clearly beyond the means of our police force. So the Army and Markos navy commandos were called in. Lastly the elite NSG teams were pressed into action.

I texted all my friends to know abt their whereabouts. The same thing came across their SMSs as well, "we are helpless. hope it ends soon and never happens again"

The Home minister held emergency meeting. Meanwhile an email from some "Deccan Mujahideen" claimed credit.

The ongoing England tour was promptly cancelled plus the Champions League was put into uncertainty as well.

And now the news came in that there was a hostage situation at Nariman House as well. I hardly knew where that was, and surprisingly not even my mom did! But apparently the terrorists knew exactly where it was because it housed home of the ultra-orthodox Jewish outreach group Chabad Lubavitch; which was their target as well.

More NSG commandos were being called for as the gunbattle ragged on at Taj, Nariman House, Trident.

The Prime Minister addressed the nation at 4.30 pm. So late for the PM of the country to speak to his fellow citizens and that too the words were oft heard and there was nothing new or concrete for him to say.

above: Fire brakes out at the Taj. Flames billow out of a window at the Taj hotel.

above: Major fire breaks out inside the Oberoi Trident following a large explosion and gun battles between security agencies and terrorists.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attack: Mayhem begins

By 11.30 the news was "shoot out at Colaba, explosions at BMC headquarters, gunshots at CST, many injured".

Soon one of the most shocking news came that "ATS chief was dead"! so i scrambled to text my friend to stay home at 2.30 a.m.!

Still the thought was this would end by morning. So I went off to sleep at 4 a.m.!

Viewer descretion is advised.

Firing near Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 10.30 p.m. leaves scores of dead people waiting at the platform and ticket counter.

Not even the stray dogs at C.S.T. were spared according another newspaper/t.v. report.

It seems the senseless maniacs were just emotionless.

Terrorists hijack a police jeep and as they near Metro Cinema open fire on unsuspecting cameramen and bystanders who are going towards the jeep expecting their own city cops in it to guide them of whats happening.

above: The video of the hijacked jeep shooting.

above: Here they are seen in CCTV footage screencaps approaching the hospital.

Terrorists in a hijacked Skoda drew up at the Cama hospital and began firing randomly outside and inside the hospital. Residents of hutments behind the hospital were also targeted when terrorists knocked on the doors and killed whoever came in the way. Thakur Vaghela who was having dinner with his 6-year-old son Yash was shot in front of his kid.

Read this report:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attack: Landing of Terrorists

When 9/11 happened we all remember where we were. I had just come from my classes and was watching t.v. when i flipped through BBC and saw the greatest terror attack on U.S. soil unfold.

So where were you when the greatest terror attack on Indian soil (to date) took place?

I remember i was at home watching 9X when i turned to Aajtak Hindi. First it was reported the shootings were between 2 gangs. but then the reports came in fast that the shooting spree had spread to C.S.T. and even CAMA hospital.

Suddenly it was dawning that this wasnt some gang war but a terror attack!

I remember texting my friend "by god terror attack in progress" by 11 o'clock.

What had really happened:
A shipping trawler had been used by a group of 10 to 16 (reported) terrorists to come all the way from Karachi, Pakistan to Mumbai!

They had manages to evade the coast guard using fake ID cards! (read:

The Indian fishing trawler Kuber whoes captain was killed. One of the hijacked ships's crew was made to cook food for the terrorists. After they had used his services, they unceremoniously slit his throat.

The dead crew member of Kuber above.

Afterwards they got into a dingy boat, and land at the Colaba Koliwada.

The dingy boat used by the terrorists.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Magadha Janapada Coin

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Magadha Janapada

Magadha Janapada roughly corresponds to the present Patna and Gaya districts of south Bihar. In the north it was bounded by the Ganges, in the west by the Son, upto the river Champa in east upto the Vindhya range in the South.

period: 600 - 400 B.C.
metal: silver
weight: 50.4 grains
deno: Karashapana


The first reference to the Magadhas occurs in the Atharva-Veda where they are found listed along with the Angas, Gandharis and the Mujavats as a despised people. The bards of Magadha are, however, referred to in early Vedic literature and are spoken of in terms of contempt.

The Vedic dislike of the Magadhas in early times was due to the fact that the Magadhas were not yet wholly Brahmanised.

According to the Mahabharata and the Puranas, the earliest ruling dynasty of Magadha was founded by king Brihadratha, but Magadha came into prominence only under king Bimbisara and his son Ajatasatru.

The kingdom of the Magadhas roughly corresponded to the modern districts of Patna and Gaya in southern Bihar, and parts of Bengal in the east. It was bounded on the north by river Ganga, on the east by the river Champa, on the south by Vindhya mountains and on the west by river Sona.

During Buddha's time, its boundaries included Anga. Its earliest capital was Girivraja or Rajagriha modern Rajgir in Patna district of Bihar. The other names for the city were Magadhapura, Brihadrathapura, Vasumati, Kushagrapura and Bimbisarapuri.

It was an active center of Jainism in ancient times. The first Buddhist Council was held in Rajagriha in the Vaibhara Hills. Later on, Pataliputra became the capital of Magadha.

Malla Janapada Coin

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Malla Janapada

The Malla Janapada was situated to the west of Videha and to the northwest of Magadha. Modern Deoria and Gorakhpur district in Uttar Pradesh can be identified with this ancient Janpada.

period: 550 - 320 B.C.
metal: silver
weight: 30.4 grains
deno: 1 1/2 Shana

From the Mahabharata:

The epic Mahabharata speaks about a Northern Mallas and a Southern Mallas conquered by the Pandava Bhima during his military campaign through the eastern kingdoms to collect tribute for King Yudhisthira's Rajasuya sacrifice.

Mahabharata mention Mallas along with the Angas, Vangas, and Kalingas as eastern tribes. The Mallas were republican people with their dominion consisting of nine territories (Kalpa Sutra; Nirayavali Sutra), one of each of the nine confederated clans. Two of these with Kuśināra (modern Kasia near Gorakhpur) as its capital, second with Pava (modern Padrauna, 12 miles from Kasia) as the capital, had become very important at the time of Buddha.

Kuśināra and Pava are very important in the history of Buddhism since Buddha took his last meal and was taken ill at Pava and breathed his last at Kusinara.

The Mallas, like the Lichchhavis, are mentioned by Manusmriti as Vratya Kshatriyas. They are called Vasishthas (Vasetthas) in the Mahapparnibbana Suttanta.

The Mallas originally had a monarchical form of government but later they switched to Samgha (republic) of which the members called themselves rajas. The Mallas were a brave and warlike people.

Jainism and Buddhism found many followers among the Mallas. The Mallas appeared to have formed alliance with Lichchhavis for self defense. They however, lost their independence not long after Buddha's death and their dominions were annexed to the Magadhan empire.

Shakya Janapada Coin

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Shakya Janapada

Kingdom of the Shakyas was located at the Indo-Nepal border on the north of Gorakhpur. Its capital was Kapilvastu. It was situated on the bank of Bhagirathi.

period: 600 - 500 B.C.
metal: silver
weight: 104.4. grains
deno: 5 Shana